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Welcome to Celluloid 70s

Celluloid 70s is a podcast all about the movies of the 1970s.

It's a pretty big subject so to provide a bit of focus I'm going to be concentrating on movies released in the UK between January 1970 and December 1979, and devoting a whole series to each year.

Each episode will be themed around a certain genre, star, studio, or any other thematic device I see fit at the time, with particular focus on one particular film each week.

Since there'll be far more to talk about than I'll ever manage to cover in each podcast, this is where I'm going to share all of the info I couldn't fit in the episode itself. And if I uncover any particularly interesting information about a movie after it's been discussed on the podcast I'll update it here.

So look out for Series One: 1970 on all the usual podcast outlets, check back here for post-episode updates or come and say hello on Facebook and Instagram.

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